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GlenHeaven Propolis has relocated to Ojai, California. The move allows Glenn to give more attention to products and customers in an area very friendly to honey bees and human health.


Beautiful Face has built a following over the past several years with clients who use it for beauty or skin conditions.   We have now added formulations with two southern California honeys - citrus and avocado.


Glenn Perry of GlenHeaven Propolis is on the teaching faculty at the American Apitherapy Society's Conference and Courses on November 4 - 6, 2011, in New Orleans. 


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GlenHeaven Propolis "Beautiful Face"
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Propolis & Honey for a severe case of  dog bite injury.


 High Dosage Propolis for  Cushing's Syndrome  in dogs.



  Brazilian Green Propolis & Periodontitis,  Gingivitis, Receding Gums


 "The Revitalizing Power of Bee Venom Therapy"  

      GHP Developer's Background in Apitherapy

GlenHeaven Propolis Sizes 1 FL Oz to 16 FL OZ

        GlenHeaven Propolis  - 

         a revolutionary water solution

     of  WHOLE propolis

GlenHeaven Hydro Ionization Process Won an Apimondia Medal for "Innovation in the Use of Products of the Hive."





 Melbourne, Australia      


GlenHeaven Propolis's unique whole propolis  water process wins a medal  at this prestigious, worldwide gathering.


  To Our Friends and Valued Customers,

"Our Very Best to You"


Beginning in 2008, GlenHeaven began carrying GlenHeaven Brazilian Green Propolis exclusively, rather than both Brazilian Green and our regular North American origin propolis solutions. 

Our reasons for this are two fold: 

As we put a lot of time, attention, and work into our product, it makes good sense to apply that energy toward providing the best quality available.  

Brazilian Green propolis has become a gold standard of Propolis.  It is the benchmark for much research done with Propolis.  The source of our Brazilian green Propolis, Pharmanectar, regularly tests for consistency of essential Propolis elements, as well as making sure there are no chemical contaminates.  No pesticides are used in the hive, or present in the propolis.  Organic status will soon be awarded Pharmanectar's crude Brazilian 'Ultra Green' propolis. 

GlenHeaven's product utilizing U.S. origin propolis offered a more affordable product without compromising the essential properties and healing potential of whole propolis. However, at this time, we are finding it impossible to acquire clean, quality U.S. origin propolis in the quantities we need to reliably provide you with our whole propolis solution.    

As the beneficial properties of Propolis become more widely known, it has become increasingly popular and in demand.  This, in turn, brings our attention to the bigger picture and current plight of the honey bee.  Both the epidemic of mites and the newer enigma of colony loss have devastated honeybees and beekeepers across the country.  These issues so seriously impact the global food-chain and ecology that we implore everyone to keep it in mind.  Consider beekeeping.  The bees, our environment and our food sources need you. 

We will be reaching out world-wide to establish relationships with the admirable contacts we have made in the apitherapy and beekeeping world, thereby being able, once again, to provide at least 2 types of Propolis.

Blessings to All,

And thank you for your continued support and patronage of GlenHeaven Propolis,

Glenn Perry

If you want to know more about Brazilian
green propolis and see the Africanized bees
that produce it, watch this 30 minute VIDEO.

'Globo Rural'  2004,  English Subtitles


GlenHeaven Propolis is a member of, and urges

you to join, The American Apitherapy Society .

Your support provides education and community

in the therapeutic use of bees and bee products.

AAS offers a Conference and Apitherapy Course Levels I & II on November 4 - 6, 2011, in New Orleans. (See ) .  This is an excellent opportunity to gain indepth knowledge of bee products.

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