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Beautiful Face - Ancient Formula from Bees for Youthful  SkinBEAUTIFUL FACE

Raw, Virgin Honey,
GlenHeaven Propolis's Uniquely Prepared
Brazilian Green Propolis and U.S. Pollen,
and Royal Jelly

Beautiful Face can be applied thickly to skin as a honey based mask or
applied lightly to wet skin, allowed to dry, and worn all day or night.
It is a powerfully gentle, nourishing,  nurturing, and restorative  
treatment for the skin.  It is not a cream or lotion.

All of the components of Beautiful Face have been used over millenia for  both beauty and care of skin conditions.  This formulation has met with pleasing results by many users





Now Offered with a Choice of Honeys
Original Multi-Floral Wildflower Honey Classic floral scent and caramel color. Excellent moisturizing, nurturing, and emollient qualities.
Southern California Citrus Honey Very  light color and  citrus scent.  Imparts the sense of a cleansing and revitalizing lift to skin.
Southern Califoria Avocado Honey

An extremely dark, creamy honey with an aroma some associate with molasses.  Mineral rich and highly emollient giving the impression of deep and substantial support.



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