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Glenn Perry - originated the water based solution of whole propolis.

"My intention & accomplishment is  to bring you the whole natural substance of propolis in as potent and useful form as possible."


Glenn Perry - Originator of GlenHeaven Propolis



My studies and certifications in apitherapy and propolis include:


      International Course of Apitherapy 2002, Havanna

          by the faculties of

              Apimondia's Commission on Apitherapy and

              The Dept of Alternative Medicine of the Republic of Cuba

       Charles Mraz Apitherapy Courses (CMAC)

                   of the American Apitherapy Society

        APIMEDICA 2006,  Athens

               Papers:   Water Processes with Whole Propolis

                              Veterinary Applications of High Dosage Propolis

        APIMONDIA  2007,   Melbourne

    Presentation:  Veterinary Use of Propolis/Honey for Severe Wounds

         Medal Winner for Innovation in Use of Products of the Hive


Speaker on propolis at Charles Mraz Apitherapy Courses and member of the board of The American Apitherapy Society.


I developed the water soluble formulation of propolis over several years of personal research and experimentation


I want your experience of propolis to be successful.

Contact me with your questions about the use of GlenHeaven Propolis.

I value your  interest.

                                                                    Glenn Perry


    My initiation into apitherapy is described in "The Revitalizing Power of Bee Venom Therapy."
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