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      Propolis is a living substance - combining essences of plant and animal and energies of earth and air.                                                                                                  


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                           Propolis - What Is It ?

                      What Is It Used For ?

                      Dosage, Dosing, & Duration of Use

                      Some Simple Applications

                      Is Propolis Safe ?

                      Propolis and Pharmaceutical Medicines






 Propolis is a living substance - combining

essences of plant and animal, energies of earth and air.



Propolis What Is It ? 

Propolis is a potent natural substance found in beehives. 

Propolis is composed of plant substances mixed with the digestive juices and wax of the bees.

The pharmacology of propolis protects the bees and hive from a wide range of pathogens and suffuses the hive with an atmosphere of vibrancy. Powerful bioflavanoids, plant resins, essential oils and pollen are the major components of propolis. 

The exact composition of propolis varies by place and time but is always guided by the selective intelligence of the bees themselves.


What Is It Used For ?

 In human and animal health, propolis has evidenced the following broad spectrum qualities:



             Immune system stimulant and antioxidant

             Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anticancer agent


             Stimulant to cell regeneration

             Biological response modification


Dosage, Dosing, and Duration of Use

Depending on the application, therapeutic dosages may range from 1/4 tsp to 6 tsp (7 - 30 ml) or more per day.  GlenHeaven Propolis is offered in 1 to 16 fluid ounce sizes.

Dividing the dosage into a dosing schedule of 2 - 3 times per day can greatly increase its effectiveness.

The relevant mechanism of propolis' action is often to stimulate the body's own healing powers.  A substances with  this kind of effect are called a Biological Response Modifier (BRM) In such cases it is important to estimate the time necessary to accomplish this and exercise a reasonable patience toward that goal. 


Some Simple Applications 

Skin toner and rejuvenator

A small dot of GlenHeaven (GH) propolis mixed with skin or shaving cream soothes and tones skin, encourages new cell growth, and imparts a vital glow. Minor wrinkles disappear with repeated use of tsp of propolis to1 oz cream or lotion.

For eczema, apply with cream or lotion as above and take GH Propolis orally for 5 to 6 weeks.


Wound healing stimulant and topical antibiotic

For slow healing or infected wounds, mix 1/4 tsp. propolis with 1 oz. raw honey, calendula  cream, or other medium to dress wound or apply GH Propolis directly with dressing.


Cold or flu-like symptoms, immune system stimulant

Taking 1/4 tsp. in water or directly under tongue every 2 - 3 hours generally reduces symptoms within 8 to 24 hours. 


Ear drops

For acute or chronic outer or inner ear infection, or as a preventative, use tsp GH propolis in 1 oz raw honey and apply with dropper.


Antibiotic toothpaste

A small dot of GH propolis mixed with toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling as though you just had a professional teeth cleaning.


Gum stimulant, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic

GH propolis applied between teeth and under gum line with a Proxabrush promotes circulation, kills germs and promotes gum health.  

See research results on Brazilian green propolis treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis, & gingival recession (recessed gums) at the School of Dentistry, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil in full text from Pharmacologyonline.


Other uses

Propolis has many other applications in profound challenges to health.

Please contact GlenHeaven Propolis if you have any questions or would like further information about possible uses of propolis.  We value your interest and comments


Is Propolis Safe ?

There are reported instances of contact dermatitis in a very small number of people. The dermatitis disappears with discontinued contact with propolis.

If you are highly sensitive to many substances, or merely prefer to exercise greater caution, you may want to test your sensitivity to propolis. Put a small amount on your skin to see if a rash develops before using it more extensively. 


Propolis and Pharmaceutical Medicines

The literature cites examples of a positive synergy with certain classes of drugs, such as antibiotics, but no reported instances of adverse reactions when taken with medications.  Especially positive results in this partnership have been reported with asthma, cancer, and diabetes.



For more detailed information from noncommercial sources, go to Propolis Info II.

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